Monday, March 23, 2015

Using A Story to Make A Point

Sometimes parents want to teach their children, but the direct approach doesn’t get the message across. In these cases, parents can use a favorite toy as a central character and build a story around it.

One youngster, about five years old, developed a habit of wandering too far from home, making it difficult for his mother to keep an eye on him.
Discussions didn’t work, but when the mother began a series of silly misadventures starring Mr. Bear (his favorite stuffed animal), the scenario changed.

The young fellow listened, enthralled, to Mr. Bear’s ridiculous antics and obvious poor judgment.
Later the mother heard her son scolding the doll because Bear got lost at the supermarket or went into the wrong yard.

“I wouldn’t do anything dumb like that, would I?” he asked his mother.
And, eventually, he didn’t.

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