Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tips For Getting Kids to Bed
Here are some ideas that may help at bedtime:

• Have a set bedtime. “When the big hand is on the six” or “When the clock says these numbers”, can be part of the routine.
In this way the clock, not the parent, is announcing the time to retire.

A warning of “ten minutes until bath time” is also useful so that fun isn’t suddenly interrupted.

• Minimize television and rowdy activities close to sleeping time.

• A routine works wonders. For instance, a warm, calm bath followed by a ritual goodnight to the spider plant, the clock, grandma and grandpa in a picture, the dog, the piano ...

If you keep it up long enough, you may find yourself yawning. And speaking of yawns, a few of those don’t hurt either.

• If necessary, provide a small nightlight, a quiet radio or CD, or a trusted companion.

Nick, age five, has a stuffed penguin fully a foot longer than he is, and no doubt, Penny the penguin helps keep away those things that go bump in the night.

• If your child doesn’t fall asleep at once, there’s no harm in reading or playing quietly in bed, even after bedtime.

A child can’t go to sleep on demand any more than an adult can. But often, if you tiptoe in ten or fifteen minutes later, you’ll find your youngster has been overtaken by the sandman. Then just whisper, “Sweet dreams …”

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