Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quiet Time Together

Want to spend some quiet, quality time with your child?
Here’s a short list of things to do that cost next to nothing:
• Prepare a small picnic lunch and eat it together, anyplace in the house except the kitchen or dining room.
• Both of you make a clay figure of a make-believe animal. Give it a name.
• Look through a magazine and count the number of dogs (or cats, bugs or birds) you can find.
• Play “I wish I was” and explain why. (“I wish I was a kangaroo because then I could jump around a lot.”)
• Take a walk and carry a sack for litter. Take turns making up a make-believe story.
• Teach your child a song from your childhood, or a folk tune like “Home on the Range.”
• Draw a picture of each other.
• Color together in a coloring book.
• Share a popsicle.

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